{Parsage} is an agile software development company
that designs and builds your web applications.


"Parsage is our main partner in developing software applications. It's like working with your best friend and your most competent acquaintance: fun and easy!"

Richard Dougherty, CEO, CollectiveIntell
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Our primary expertise lies in understanding your unique business challenges and designing solutions. We bring diverse and extensive consulting experience to bear in for companies of all sizes in any industry.


Agile design is about distilling. We collaborate with you to simplify the initial deliverable so that we can build a working product in a fraction of time it takes traditional providers. Our approach is iterative and blazing fast.


Your product is built right before your eyes. Within days of starting the project you can see how it evolves--you will test and refine and redefine things until we have it right. In the end you get exactly what you want.