Parsage doesn't just build software. We solve problems

At Parsage, our primary expertise lies in understanding your business challenges and designing solutions. We bring diverse and extensive consulting experience to bear in any industry and for the smallest organizations up to Fortune 50 enterprises.

We specialize in secure web applications to collect, analyze, and share the data that runs your business.

We don't over-engineer. We define simplicity. Our experience teaches us that the simplest tool is often the best. Clean interfaces and direct, unambiguous interactions will make your software intuitive, user-friendly, and even pleasurable to use. We believe the best instruction manual is none at all.

Agile design is about distilling. We collaborate with you to simplify the initial deliverable so that we can build a working product in a fraction of time it takes traditional providers. Our approach is iterative and blazing fast.

We don't make elaborate plans. We ship products. Our focus is not on exhaustive documentation and project plans but on understanding the unique problems of your company and your employees and devising a solution. We place a premium on staying flexible and responsive to your evolving demands.

Your product is built right before your eyes. Within days of starting the project you can see how it evolves--you will test and refine and redefine things until we have it right. In the end you get exactly what you want.

Our custom web applications can be deployed securely in the cloud or on your on-site servers.

We don't rest on our laurels. We continually improve. We have not been peddling the same obsolete technology for years on end. At the start of every project we identify the right tools, technologies, and frameworks to build our customers a solution with staying power. We leverage broadly-supported open source technologies to ensure a long lifespan for what we build.