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For over 10 years we have built your web applications, iOS, and Android apps, and hosted it all in the cloud.

Our clients range from Fortune 50 companies to cabinet level government agencies, and from family owned businesses to the next cool startup.

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What We Do
Our team can do amazing things.
We are software developers who use agile principles to make your custom project successful. Our approach is based on transparency and simplicity. Every day you will know exactly where your project stands.

You have full access to our team, to the software as it's being built. You work with us to ensure that the backlog of work is prioritized and that we all agree on what things should do and for whom.

Our clients learn quickly that 'Agile Thinking - Working Software' is not just our motto it is the way we work.

Unlike traditional project planning software that focuses on the daily management of a project, our Capital Asset Planning Suite (CAPS) provides senior leadership with accurate and up-to-date insights into the performance of all investment projects across the enterprise.

Designed for organizations with large portfolios of capital assets (such as buildings, campuses, and public transportation assets), CAPS helps identify, analyze, prioritize, and track capital projects. Learn how your organization can align long term strategic objectives and real investments.

We have been using Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS) since they launched over a decade ago.

We build cost effective and scalable native Azure web applications that also serve mobile clients/apps, with on-demand virtual machines to run workloads, like geocoding, image manipulation, and PDF generation.

Easily integrated single sign-on authentication allows us to integrate your on-premises network credentials or Office 365 accounts to authenticate users.

Custom Built Software
Working with you from idea to launch and beyond
Getting Started
With most of our work we define an initial task with clear and valuable outcomes that can be accomplished in no more than 4-6 weeks. This allows us to develop a sense of the overall project and help you get something useful done before committing to the full investment.

This can take the form of a prototype or a minimum viable product—it is always something that can be used and which brings your thinking forward.

This initial task helps us assess how we can work together effectively and establish the parameters for a longer term successful project, and for building quality software that supports your business.
How the work gets done
Communication and coordination are key to software development success. We use a variety of tools and capabilities to aid in communication. Online backlog of cases and documentation, Slack for daily team interactions. And most importantly a single point of responsibility/ownership on our side and yours. This pairing of our Development Lead with your Product Owner ensures that the right decision makers are always available to ensure your project moves forward.

For testing and ensuring we are going in the right direction, we make all of our software available to your Product Owner and other team members. This means you see exactly what we see. As soon as a developer pushes a change our continuous development/continuous integration scripts rebuild the application for you to test. And as a bonus you get an automatic notification on Slack
But is this not just Common Sense?
Yes! And that's the whole point. Our goal is simplicity with as much clarity as possible. In development we have a few maxims that we use to remind ourselves how to keep things going in the right direction.
  • YAGNI - 'You Ain't Gonna Need It'
  • KISS - 'Keep It Simple Stupid'
  • The code is always specific - Vague requirements don't lead to flexible systems
  • Show me, don't tell me
  • We put up with a lot of questions because it is stupid not to have the correct answers.
  • If it's not in the backlog and it's not in the code it will never exist.
Unlike traditional project planning software that focuses on the daily management of a project our Capital Asset Planning Suite (CAPS) provides senior leadership with accurate, up-to-date insights into the performance of all investment projects across the enterprise.

CAPS is based on technology and processes Parsage has built for clients over the past ten years. It is designed for organizations with large portfolios of capital assets (such as buildings, campuses, and public transportation assets). The CAPS suite is very flexible and can accommodate a number of work-flows, but always includes:
  • Support for a multi-year Capital Planning Cycle
  • Detailed tracking of financials, milestones & deliverables, and actions across the project life cycle
  • Run-time generated forms for collecting data to support Annual Capital Planning process and ongoing Execution Tracking
  • Flexible cloud-based solution to minimize lock-in and up-front investment
  • Prioritized portfolio through criteria weights and project scoring
  • Advanced and flexible report builder deployed using MSFT Power Builder and Synapse Data Warehouse
  • Detailed logging of all changes to data collected
  • Integrated with content management system for information and document handling
Get in touch with us to learn how we can help your organization improve capital planning.

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Cloud Ninjas
We have been using Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS) since they launched over a decade ago. Today both are integral to our internal work and the operations of our clients.

Native web applications in Azure are highly cost effective and can serve highly scalable workloads for mobile apps. Competitively price virtual machines can be deployed on demand for focused workloads, such as geocoding, image manipulation, and PDF generation.

Federated authentication now also allows us to easily integrate your on-premises network credentials or Office 365 accounts to authenticate users with their single sign-on. This removes password vulnerabilities, enforces your multi-factor policies, and simplifies adoption.

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Сapabilities in software and technology
Our goal is to deliver value to our clients through high quality services
  • Mobile and Web Apps
    No matter how and where, we will build the right clients for the job. For any modern browser and of course for iOS and Android.
  • Geolocation Systems
    When needed we empower your people, and enhance your data through, geocoding, drive planning, geographic mapping systems, and real-time GPS tracking.
  • FinTech
    If you need to process payments, be it Stripe, PayPal, ApplePay, GooglePay, or any other payment platform, we got you covered.
  • Complex Agorithms
    If you need complex analytics built into your solution, we have a number of Ph.D. math nerds in our network.
  • Large Scale Data
    We know data. Large transactional databases, data warehouses for reporting, unstructured text sources -- we help you store it, search, analyze it, unleash it.
  • Power BI
    Power BI and other reporting tools are integrated directly into your software project using your existing licensing. Fast, smooth, and effective.
  • UI/UX Design
    Form and function that drive user adoption. Detail and care that improve productivity. Incremental enhancements that minimize training and confusion.
  • Quality Assurance and Testing
    Automated testing and continuous development/integration are key to ensuring quality of your projects.
  • A Decade of Agile Development
    Since our start we have used agile development. If you are new to it, start by reading the Agile Manifesto.
  • Business Process Reengineering
    We do more than software! Working with our partners we help you design or change critical business processes as we deliver new technical capabilities.
  • Services Across Multiple Government BPAs and IDIQs
    We partner with prime contractors who are already working with your agency.
  • Audio/Video/Screen-sharing Tools
    We help you add an interactive element to your project using existing vendor platforms that are cost effective and scalable.
We are a Microsoft Business Partner
  • Microsoft Partner
    Partnering with Microsoft since 2010 to deliver software and cloud capabilities
  • Microsoft Azure
    and Amazon Web Services
    The cloud linked to your on-site infrastructure delivering single sign-on SaaS applications.
Meet our Team
We are a small team focused on getting stuff done
  • Dmitry A
    Frontend Developer
  • Andri H
    Founder & CEO
  • Eric B
    Software & QA Engineer
  • Fred G
    Software Engineer
  • Dmitriy S
    Sr. Software Engineer
  • Mikhail M
    UI/UX Designer
  • Slava P
    Software Engineer
  • Kristi C
    Business Operations Manager
  • Byong K
    Software Engineer
  • Kevin M
    Software Engineer
  • Rob M
    Software Engineer
  • Nykyta A
    Product Owner
Some projects we have helped clients with
Capital Planning System
A major federal agency needed a custom system to track more than 6,000 capital improvement projects annually, representing over $1.5 billion in expenditures each year, across a 10-year planning horizon.

A new end-to-end solution - covering project proposal, budget creation, approval, funding, execution, and monitoring - was designed and built from scratch to replace a poorly-performing and unmaintainable legacy system.

Here is more information on the Capital Asset Planning Suite (CAPS) or get in touch to arrange for a private demo.
TipYo — the application for iOS and Android
A secure mobile payment solution that enables travelers to express their gratitude to hotel room attendants, concierge and valets.
Sales Activity Planning and Execution
Sales Activity Planning and Execution A Danish startup needed to build a real-time activity planning and tracking system for sales, and customer service representatives. The resulting system (live with active users after 6 months) runs natively on Apple iPads and tracks the geolocation of each user. Tracking the frequency of planned visits and location of staff, it can in real-time suggest nearby customers and help staff better plan and execute their daily work.
The system also includes modules to connect to the financial system to execute sales orders, and a system for sales and marketing teams to dynamically create campaigns, customer surveys, and data knowledge cards on customers.

General rollout of the system in northern Europe started in January 2016.
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